Azienda Vitivinicola Colli Berici
Azienda Vitivinicola Colli Berici
Costalunga Vini


CABERNET -  from the  Berici Hills – Vicenza

We cultivate two separate Cabernet vines:

- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Cabernet Franc

 A valuable red wine, with a deep ruby color, with a tendency to turn to garnet during the years. Its characteristic, herbaceous flavour smells elegant and harmonic. It has an agreeably intense and persistent taste, fairly tannic and full-bodied.

Harsh, yet reticent during its youth, it develops a complexity proportionate to its longevity.

Various vintages are available.

It is considered a prince of game dishes, roasted red meats, grilled  meats and vegetables, as well as spit roasted meats.

Serving temperature. 16-18 °C